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Adopting Your Foster Child...
State Adoptions We have handled the adoption of foster children for decades now, and it is one of our favorite legal proceedings as children are often removed from neglectful homes and placed with a forever family they have bonded with over the course of the legal hearings where the parental rights are terminated.

If you are serving as a foster parent and a child is placed with you by the Department (DHHR or DHR) or by a child care agency, chances are you will have NO legal fees involved in the adoption. We handle all the paper work, hearing preparation and work closely with the social worker assigned to your case to move the case as promptly as possible to final hearing.

Many of the children that are in foster care as a result of mistreatment or a parent's drug use qualify for a subsidized legal adoption, meaning that you will continue to receive benefits after the adoption, as well as medical care for that child. Those documents are obtained and made a part of the final order in your case to insure the benefits for you and your child until they reach the age of majority.

Bob never charges foster parents or those providing kinship care to discuss their adoption options.

You can reach him by:  EMAIL  or Phone: In West Virginia... 304-784-8818    In Alabama... 256-689-0565

Bob also offers free initial office appointments to those considering adoption.

Please Note:
· You understand that we do not represent you until a contract for services is signed.
· Any general information obtained from this web site is not to be considered legal advice. An office appointment can be scheduled if you desire to engage our services.

Bob Noone, Attorney
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Direct Line:  304-784-8818
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Office: 753 Walnut Street, Gadsden AL
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Direct Line:  256-689-0565
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