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What's involved in my adoption
Family Bringing a new member into your family is an exciting time. The adoption process can seem challenging and confusing, but it is the goal of Bob Noone to make the process understandable and as hassle free as possible. When children are brought together with their "Forever Family" you want the event to be joyful, but legally binding as well.

At its core, your adoption is a legal arrangement where the parents' rights are transferred from the natural or birth parents to you, the adoptive parents. The adoptive parents then become legally responsible for the child they adopt and they obtain all legal parental rights with regard to the child, as if the child were biologically born to them. This also applies in the case of an adopting single parent.

BASICALLY, WHAT Is the Adoption Process?

Pre-Adoptive Home Study � While the home study is not always required in all instances, depending on the practice of the particular Judge when dealing with foster parents and step parents, generally this is a report prepared by a licensed social worker with experience specific to adoption studies. This information will help the Court decide that an adoption is in the best interest of the child. This process is a very detailed review of the adoptive parents and may include:

  · Interview of adoptive parent(s)
  · Verification of legal documents, criminal background check, employment check
  · Letters of reference from friends and family
  · Child abuse records

· Termination of Parental Rights - Before a child can be adopted, one or both of biological parents' rights must be terminated. In both WV and Alabama, this can be done voluntarily by written notarized consents that must conform with the state adoption code. In the instance of children that are the subject of an abuse/neglect case, the court often terminate the biological parents' rights, freeing the child up for adoption.

· Filing of the legal documents � Bob will prepare your petition, supporting documents, exhibits and work with the DHHR or child care agency, if one is involved in your case. Once the documents are filed, he obtains a hearing date and prepares you for the final hearing. In most cases, only ONE hearing is required, the final hearing.

· Final Hearing - At this hearing, the adoptive parents and child/children appear (often together with supporting friends and family). With all the paperwork in order and the termination of parental rights documented, you can expect a very short hearing. If you forget your camera, don't worry, Bob will have one to document the ceremony where your child's Forever Family is legally created. At that time the court's order is entered which paves the way for a new birth certificate (where the adoptive parents are listed as "parents" on the birth certificate) and the name change is effective.

Bob can discuss with you the process and laws governing a private adoption. It costs nothing to speak with him via EMAIL

Or contact Bob by phone:  In West Virginia... 304-784-8818       In Alabama... 256-689-0565

What about the costs?

The fee for the attorney is less than you would think for uncontested adoptions. Know that if you are a foster parent and the child qualifies for an adoption subsidy, you pay no legal fees and often no home study costs.
In other adoptions, in addition to an attorney fee, Bob will explain the costs associated with the home study and court filing fees.

If you are thinking about ADOPTION, Bob Noone can answer your questions regarding:

  · Requirements for adopting a child
  · When a home study is needed and how to obtain one
  · How to adopt your foster child, grandchild or your spouse's child
  · How to get consent from birth parents
  · How to finalize your adoption
  · And other adoption related topics.

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